Då en del som läser är från mitt andra hem UK . tar jag mina tankar på engelska idag 🤍

Friday is the best day of the week in my eyes! What’s your favorit day of the week? 🖤 Tonight we have both kids home , usually the oldest is away with friends on a Friday night , but tonight she came home early to spend time with us 🤍

Friday night 🖤

since one of my English friends said – Hey do us a post in English.. I will 😘 hope your all cool with that 😉

So when you take in hard things or topics , your never going to get 100% of the outcome your hoping for . And that’s ok , because just the virtu of trying Will make things just a little bit better. I Find I get more energy from knowing I’m not raising an easy topic, the easy road has never been what truly makes an impact, at least not in my life. My biggest achievements has never been on a road of roses.. I’ve learned so much along the way, facing challenges and I’m sure I’ll run into a lot of different questions regarding this , that I don’t have a clear cut answer to. But I think that’s just the point right.. -that we don’t know everything, we don’t have all the answers, and we don’t know what other people’s standing points are ..until we ask.. and only then we can work towards something great.

The thing is that I for sure don’t have all the answers , I’ll raise the issues that I feel I have s right and a responsibility to raise? But I can’t fix this!
This divide , you ,me , them and us. We have to say something for our kids, ourself and others, and maybe just maybe, they can grow up and feel a little more accepted just the way they are. But as I said awareness is one thing but making a change and taking responsibility’s that’s a bigger battle. All and I mean all people need to come out and dare to face this problems… racism , bullying of any kind that leads to mental illness ! dare to be different, as I said. This effects You and me , it effects all of us.. and no one can deny that.. if you do ?, then please fill me in in how ? I’m not judging you , I’m sincerely interested in your thoughts.

I’ll rase the issues that I feel I have a right and a responsibility to raise? But I can’t even begin without courage in myself and by just sitting around and hope things get better , keep closing my eyes for uncomfortable things. So a penny for you thoughts.. 🤍

Anyway a glas of wine and deep conversations makes me chatty 😂 and full of thoughts.

What plans do you have for the weekend?

Tomorrow I will try to put together a gingerbread house with the kids at least one of them , but I have a feeling It will turn into a one woman project in the end of it. 😂 the really lovely baking family times are not like the instagram pictures I’m jealous about on other accounts , looks so nice 🤍 in our house, kids usually keep me company for five min and comes back when it’s done ✅ so if you ever see a lovely pic of me and my kids baking… it’s fake 😂

My best friends birthday is coming up and I need to come up with something special for her, as the celebrations we usually would do for her is not going to happen this year , so have to come up with something else that feels just as special ❤️

Have a great weekend. 🥰


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